Schade, C.M., M.D., Ph.D., Barolat, G., M.D., Holsheimer, J., Ph.D., Schade, C.M., M.D., Ph.D., Pursuing Advanced Indications: Complex Back and Leg Pain, Medtronic, Inc., 1999.

A considerable number of patients with Complex Back and Leg Pain find no relief with conventional approaches. Today, physicians are discovering it is sometimes possible to treat patients with Complex Back and Leg Pain by innovative therapeutic application of neurostimulation. Accumulating experience now suggests that the Medtronic PiscesQuad Compact® leads, when optimally positioned and programmed, can provide effective pain relief in properly selected patients. You may now be able to successfully treat low back pain for patients you were previously unable to help.

When treating a Complex Back and Leg Pain patient (Figure 2-1), the goal of neurostimulation is to establish paresthesias in regions ranging from the mid lumbar region to the foot. One of the challenges to treating these patients is achieving effective stimulation of the low back without causing pain, cramping, or other discomfort in the abdomen or the flank.


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