Schade, C.M., M.D., Ph.D. A New Treatment Alternative for Bilateral and Axial Pain Patterns, In Synch, Updates in Interventional Pain Treatments, Vol. 6, Number 2, 1995, Medtronic.

Unprecedented versatility is now available for the treatment of difficult patterns of chronic, bilateral pain of the trunk and limbs. Medtronic’s Mattrix® system, with its Single Stim™ and Dual Stim™ modes and two quadripolar stimulation leads, offers treatment options which are a major innovation in neurostimulation therapy.

Patients with multiple or difficult bilateral chronic pain sites or complex pain patterns may benefit from the Mattrix system’s Dual Stim mode. The easy-to-use independent amplitude and pulse width controls for each lead in Dual Stim Mode provide exceptional power to steer paresthesias. Patients can easily control the stimulation of each lead independently, within physician-set parameters, to optimize pain relief as their needs change. The Single Stim mode delivers the same stimulation parameters on two separate leads.

INSYNCH Updates in Interventioanl Pain Treatments