This program is an interdisciplinary chronic pain management program designed to provide coordinated, goal-oriented team services in a safe, effective and efficient treatment environment.

The general goals of the program include, but are not necessarily limited to, increasing activity levels, building physical strength and stamina, appropriately using medication, increasing pain threshold, learning to apply pain and stress reduction skills, enhancing existing coping skills to deal with depression, anger, frustration, loss and feelings of worthlessness, broadening range of interest and activities, improving socialization, increasing self- confidence and developing personal, occupational, recreational and life goals for the future.

It utilizes the services of a board certified pain management physician, physical rehabilitation specialist, licensed professional counselor, and supporting clinical staff.  In addition, specialists in other areas may be invited to provide information to you in specific areas, such as nutrition and vocational rehabilitation.

A personalized program consisting of therapeutic exercises, group discussion, and relaxation training will be established and monitored by physical rehabilitation and psychological staff.  Key elements of the Chronic Pain Management Program: Establishment of Goals, Psychological Evaluation and Daily Group Sessions, Vocational Assessment, Therapeutic Activities, Modalities/Manual Therapy, Lifting and Biomechanics Education, Nutritional Counseling.  Optimal outcomes are seen in treating complex chronic pain problems with a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

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